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IFB #DescriptionAdvertised Bid OpeningEstimateAdvertisementRevised Bid Date (By Addendum)Bid Tabulations
AC-22-B-0004-SNorthport (FMS # 9) RenovationsFebruary 3, 2022$2,816,562.00AdvertisementFebruary 10, 2022Abstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0005-SBirmingham (FMS # 11) RenovationsFebruary 10, 2022$1,600,000.00AdvertisementFebruary 24, 2022Abstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0025-SMontgomery (JFHQ) RenovationsJuly 14, 2022$1,180,000.00AdvertisementAugust 11, 2022Abstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0026-SPelham Range (UTES #1) Roll-Up Door Maintenance & RepairJuly 14, 2022$200,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0015-SMobile (AASF #3) Entry Control Point ConstructionAugust 11, 2022$600,000.00AdvertisementAugust 25, 2022Abstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0024-SFMTC Running Track LightingSeptember 1, 2022$127,600.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0027-SPelham Range Combat Pistol Qualification Course Range 52 Maintenance & RepairSeptember 1, 2022$1,620,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0029-SPelham Range Telecommunications ModernizationSeptember 1, 2022$1,675,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0028-SMobile (Ft. Whiting) Security Cameras UpgradeSeptember 8, 2022$300,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0034-SMobile (FMS #28) Emergency GeneratorSeptember 8, 2022$210,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0035-SMontgomery (JFHQ Compound) Various Site RepairsSeptember 8, 2022$140,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0030-SMontgomery (CST) Vehicle Storage & Ready Building RenovationSeptember 15, 2022$2,800,000.00AdvertisementSeptember 22, 2022Abstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0036-SPelham Range (UTES #1) Building 2 RestorationSeptember 22, 2022$1,585,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0040-STroy Organizational Parking ModernizationSeptember 22, 2022$140,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0031-SPelham Range Automatic Record Fire (ARF) Range 57 Maintenance & RepairSeptember 22, 2022$1,950,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0038-SFMTC Soldier Fitness Training and Testing FacilitySeptember 27, 2022$2,725,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0033-SPelham Range Training Area Bridge DemolitionSeptember 27, 2022$315,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0039-SFort Payne Physical Security EnhancementsSeptember 27, 2022$125,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0002-SBirmingham Buildings 800 and 810 Storage CagingSeptember 27, 2022$30,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0041-SBirmingham SFEP Maintenance and RepairSeptember 27, 2022$675,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-22-B-0042-SFMTC Billeting Keyless EntrySeptember 27, 2022$75,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
ADDENDUM 1 - FMTC Billeting Keyless EntryADDENDUM 1
ADDENDUM 2 - FMTC Billeting Keyless EntryADDENDUM 2


IFB #DescriptionAdvertised Bid OpeningEstimateAdvertisementRevised Bid Date (By Addendum)Bid Tabulations
AC-21-B-0005-SMontgomery (JFHQ) HVAC RepairsFebruary 25, 2021$50,000.00AdvertisementMarch 18, 2021Abstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0004-SFMTC Transient Training Barracks ComplexMarch 25, 2021$31,289,000.00AdvertisementApril 22, 2021Abstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0011-SFMTC and Pelham Range IT ModernizationApril 1, 2021$270,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0012-SIT Modernization - North RegionApril 1, 2021$100,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0013-SIT Modernization - Central RegionApril 1, 2021$120,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0014-SIT Modernization - South RegionApril 1, 2021$100,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0015-STallassee RestorationJune 3, 2021$4,800,000.00AdvertisementJune 24, 2021Abstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0017-SHope Hull (AASF #1) Tarmac RepairsJune 3, 2021$1,800,000.00AdvertisementJune 24, 2021Abstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0016-SPelham Range Building 8801 DemolitionJune 24, 2021$200,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0022-SBirmingham (Building 525) Generator AON RepairsJuly 22, 2021$425,000.00AdvertisementAugust 12, 2021Abstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0024-SBrundidge RestorationAugust 19, 2021$3,125,000.00AdvertisementSeptember 23, 2021Abstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0023-SFMTC Building 2290 AON RepairsAugust 26, 2021$600,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0029-SEnterprise RestorationSeptember 2, 2021$3,600,000.00AdvertisementSeptember 16, 2021Abstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0018-SMobile (Ft Whiting) Building Envelope AON RepairsSeptember 2, 2021$1,073,403.00AdvertisementSeptember 23, 2021Abstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0030-SPelham Range CHP BuildingSeptember 23, 2021$1,600,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0025-SMobile (AASF #3) AON Shell RepairsSeptember 23, 2021$700,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0026-SCullman Indoor Air QualitySeptember 23, 2021$750,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-21-B-0021-SBirmingham (AASF #2) Tarmac RepairsSeptember 23, 2021$500,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid


IFB #DescriptionAdvertised Bid OpeningEstimateAdvertisementRevised Bid Date (By Addendum)Bid Tabulations
AC-20-B-0005-SFMTC Building 1022 HVAC Maintenance & Repair5 Dec 2019$1,500,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0007-SIndoor Firing Range Remediation - North Region, Various Locations02 Apr 2020$750,000Advertisement30 Apr 2020Abstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0008-SIndoor Firing Range Remediation - Central Region, Prattville, AL26 Mar 2020$200,000Advertisement30 Apr 2020Abstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0009-SIndoor Firing Range Remediation - South Region, Various Locations02 Apr 2020$450,000Advertisement30 Apr 2020Abstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0015-SGoodwater Sewer and Water Repairs30 Apr 2020$65,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0004-SAuburn Restoration18 June 2020$2,700,000.00Advertisement25 Jun 2020Abstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0014-SFoley Readiness Center25 June 2020$12,593,000.00Advertisement9 Jul 2020Abstract of Bid
AC -20-B-0035-SMontgomery (JFHQ) Carpet Replacement16 July 2020$275,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0026-S)Gadsden (FMS #8) Bay Addition23 July 2020$1,213,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0022-SFt. McClellan Demolitions06 August 2020$1,200,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0023-SDecatur Local Training Area Demolitions06 August 2020$50,000.00Advertisement17 Sept 2020Abstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0036-SFMTC Building 2202 Demolition06 August 2020$125,000.00Advertisement17 Sept 2020Abstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0043-SFMTC Range Control POV Parking Maintenance and Repair27 Aug 2020$180,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0033-SPelham Range SOT-D Fence Maintenance and Repair27 Aug 2020$50,150.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0017-SHaleyville Fire Protection and Electrical System Repairs27 Aug 2020$262,000.00Advertisement24 Sept 2020Abstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0042-SMontgomery (CSMS #1) Compressor Maintenance and Repair27 Aug 2020$130,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0030-SPelham Range Fire & Emergency Services Building ConstructionSep 03, 2020$1,400,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0012-SHomewood RestorationSep 10, 2020$2,371,720.50Advertisement17 Sept 2020Abstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0001-SHuntsville (Ft. Sims) RestorationSep 10, 2020$3,246,000.00Advertisement17 Sept 2020Abstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0040-SFMTC Various Facilities Telecommunication UpgradesSep 10, 2020$676,260.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0031-SFt. Rucker Simulation Facility RenovationsSep 17, 2020$425,929.75Advertisement24 Sept 2020Abstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0032-SHuntsville (Redstone Arsenal) Simulation Facility RenovationsSep 17, 2020$316,530.85AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0039-SFMTC Exterior Solar LightingSep 17, 2020$187,200.00Advertisement24 Sept 2020Abstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0024-SDaleville RestorationSep 17, 2020$3,995,000.00Advertisement24 Sept 2020Abstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0037-SMontgomery (Ft. Taylor Hardin) Lighting UpgradesSep 24, 2020$260,780.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0038-SOneonta Lighting UpgradesSep 24, 2020$275,825.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0041-SFMTC RC Information Center Audio/Visual Equipment UpgradesSep 24, 2020$265,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0044-SMontgomery (Ft. Taylor Hardin) Motor Pool ExpansionSep 24, 2020$525,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid
AC-20-B-0047-SFMTC Readiness Center Gate RepairsSep 24, 2020$100,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bid


IFB #DescriptionBid OpeningEstimateAdvertisementAd PostedBid Tabulations
AC-19-B-0004-SFMTC Building 1023 & 2281 Classroom Electrical and IT Installation Anniston, Alabama24 Jan 2019$150,000.00AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0007-SFMTC MWR All Ranks Club and Recreation Facility, Anniston, AL09 May 2019$1,136,341AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0008-SMontgomery (JFHQ) Space Management Maintenance and Repair, Montgomery, AL09 May 2019$146,300AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0009-SIndoor Firing Range Remediation - South Region Various Locations27 Jun 2019$500,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0012-SIndoor Firing Range Remediation - North Region Various Locations11 Jul 2019$450,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0013-SIndoor Firing Range Remediation - Central Region Various Locations18 Jul 2019$600,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0014-SSelma Restoration Selma, AL01 Aug 2019$4,895,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0019-SHamilton FMS #6 Overhead Door Replacement, Hamilton, AL05 Sep 2019$100,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0020-SFoley Restoration, Foley, AL29 Aug 2019$180,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0021-SBirmingham (AASF #2) Boiler Maintenance and Repair, Birmingham, AL29 Aug 2019$100,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0022-SFairhope Restoration, Fairhope, AL29 Aug 2019$872,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0023-SSpringville Indoor Air Quality, Springville, AL19 Sep 2019$1,200,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0024-SArab Restoration, Arab, AL12 Sep 2019$2,800,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0026-SVincent Indoor Air Quality, Vincent, AL24 Sep 2019$1,100,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0028-SEnterprise Indoor Air Quality, Enterprise, AL19 Sep 2019$900,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0030-SBirmingham Region Stand Alone Facility Obscuration Physical Security Improvements, Various Locations24 Sep 2019$100,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0031-SDothan Region Stand Alone Facility Obscuration Physical Security Improvements, Various Locations24 Sep 2019$105,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0032-SHuntsville Region Stand Alone Facility Obscuration Physical Security Improvements, Various Locations24 Sep 2019$44,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0033-SMobile Region Stand Alone Facility Obscuration Physical Security Improvements, Various Locations24 Sep 2019$11,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0034-SMontgomery Region Stand Alone Facility Obscuration Physical Security Improvements, Various Locations24 Sep 2019$75,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-19-B-0036-SGreenville Demolition, Greenville, AL24 Sep 2019$200,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids


IFB #DescriptionBid OpeningEstimateAdvertisementAd PostedBid Tabulations
AC-18-B-0004-SFairhope Restoration, Fairhope, Alabama15 Mar 2018$300,000Advertisement
​AC-18-B-0015-S​Jacksonville Restoration, Jacksonville, Alabama​3 May 2018$1,300,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-18-B-0016-S​Andalusia Restoration, Andalusia, Alabama​15 Mar 2018​$1,600,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-18-B-0017-SFayette Restoration, Fayette, Alabama15 Mar 2018​$3,020,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-18-B-0018-SAlexander City Restoration Alexander City, Alabama
​3 May 2018
$1,900,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-18-B-0020-S​Arab Restoration, Arab, Alabama​31 May 2018​$1,800,000Advertisement
AC-18-B-0021-S​FMTC Barracks Restoration #3 FT. MCClellan Training Center Anniston, Alabama 17 May 2018​$750,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-18-B-0023-SFMTC Demolitions FY 18 Anniston, Alabama​31 May 2018$50,000Advertisement Abstract of Bids


IFB #DescriptionBid OpeningEstimateAdvertisementAd PostedBid Tabulations
​AC-17-B-0001-SMontgomery (JFHQ) Canteen Fuel Point Relocation Montgomery, AL26 Jan 2017​$300,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-17-B-0002-SFMTC/Pelham Range Demolition FY 17 Anniston, Alabama23 Mar 2017$245,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-17-B-0003-SMontgomery (JFHQ) Recycle Center Renovations​16 Mar 2017$250,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-17-B-0006-SNorthport Restoration Northport, Alabama​13 Jul 2017​$2,450,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0011-SPelham Range Rock Crusher Site Maintenance And Repair Anniston, Alabama15 Jun 2017$500,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0012-STuskegee Restoration Tuskegee, Alabama​13 Jul 2017 ​$2,115,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0013-SOpelika Restoration Opelika, Alabama​20 Jul 2017​$2,715,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-014-S FMTC Building 2220 Shell Repairs Anniston, Alabama26 Sep 2017 $1,250,000 AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0015-S​Clayton Restoration Clayton, Alabama​14 Sep 2017​$1,880,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-17-B-016-S ​Cullman (CSMS #2) Lighting Upgrades Cullman, Alabama26 Sep 2017​​$1,077,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-17-B-0017-S Dothan Restoration Dothan, Alabama​14 Sep 2017$1,990,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0018-S Fairhope Restoration Fairhope, Alabama ​14 Sep 2017 $1,860,000Advertisement
​AC-17-B-0020-S​FMTC Building 2235 (Rock Cottage) Maintenance and Repair Anniston, Alabama26 Sep 2017​$400,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-17-B-0021-SGadsen (FT.RHEA) Restoration Gadsen, Alabama​21 Sep 2017​$3,200,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-17-B-0022-SMobile (AASF #3) Shell Repairs Mobile, Alabama26 Sep 2017$1,200,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0023-SPelham Restoration Pelham, Alabama​21 Sep 2017$2,200,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-17-B-0024-SDRTI-Demolition of Variuos Buildings Decatur, Alabama​26 Sep 2017$45,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-17-B-0025-S​DRTI Site Maintenance and Repairs (Roads and Sidewalks) Decatur, Alabama​26 Sep 2017$500,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-17-B-0026-S​FMTC Building 2221 Shell Repairs Anniston, Alabama26 Sep 2017​$1,250,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-17-B-0028-SMontgomery (CSMS #1) Maintenance and Repair Montgomery, Alabama26 Sep 2017​$805,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids


IFB #DescriptionBid OpeningEstimateAdvertisementAd PostedBid Tabulations
AC-16-B-0011-SBirmingham (Airport) Building 525 HVAC Maintenance & RepairBirmingham, Alabama21 Jan 2016$1,200,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-16-B-0023-SFoley Vehicle Maintenance Shop, Foley, Alabama11 Aug 2016$4,100,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-16-B-0024-SGeneva Restoration Geneva, Alabama29 Sep 2016$3,000,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
AC-16-B-0025-S​Phenix City Restoration Phenix City, Alabama​29 Sep 2016$2,800,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-16-B-0026-SDRTS Utility Restoration Decatur, Alabama27 Sep 2016$2,500,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-16-B-0027-SDRTS Utility Restoration Decatur, Alabama27 Sep 2016​$2,500,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-16-B-0029-SHuntsville (Balch) Energy Conservation Improvements Huntsville, Alabama27 Sep 2016$600,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-16-B-0030-SFMTC Galloway Gate Reconfiguration Anniston, Alabama​27 Sep 2016$700,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-16-B-0033-SCalera Restoration Calera, Alabama29 Sep 2016​$1,500,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids
​AC-16-B-0034-SHope Hull Restoration Hope Hull, Alabama29 Sep 2016​$3,600,000AdvertisementAbstract of Bids