Contract NumberContract DateProjectLocation Contractor Amount
AC-21-C-0001-S 15 Oct 2020Daleville RestorationDalevilleWyatt Sasser Construction$4,483,000.00
AC-21-C-0002-S 15 Oct 2020Huntsville (Ft. Sims) RestorationHuntsvilleChase Building Group, Inc.$3,218,600.00
AC-21-C-0003-S 11 Feb 2021Geneva Welding Building Additional StorageGenevaWalker Construction & Consulting Services, LLC.$26,335.00
AC-21-C-0004-S 25 May 2021FMTC Transient Training Barracks Complex (MILCON)FMTC - AnnistonCarmon Construction, Inc.$33,688,844.00
AC-21-C-0005-S 9 Apr 2021Montgomery (JFHQ) HVAC RepairsMontgomeryStateline Mechanical, LLC$215,000.00
AC-21-C-0006-S 2 Mar 2021FMTC Tree RemovalFMTC - AnnistonB & H Tree Service$49,500.00
AC-21-C-0011-S 13 Apr 2021FMTC/PR IT ModernizationVariousHale Building Company, Inc$335,836.00
AC-21-C-0012-S 13 Apr 2021IT Modernization - North RegionVariousHale Building Company, Inc$261,380.00
AC-21-C-0013-S 13 Apr 2021IT Modernization - Central RegionVariousBSC, LLC$269,512.00
AC-21-C-0014-S 13 Apr 2021IT Modernization - South RegionVariousBSC, LLC$281,104.00
AC-21-C-0015-S 8 Jul 2021Tallassee RestorationTallasseeWhatley Construction, LLC$5,023,500.00
AC-21-C-0016-S 8 Jul 2021Pelham Range Building 8801 DemolitionAlexandriaIngle Demo & Salvage, Inc.$88,500.00
AC-21-C-0017-S 9 Jul 2021Hope Hull (AASF #1) Tarmac RepairsHope HullWiregrass Construction Co., Inc$2,693,450.00
AC-21-C-0018-S 30 Sept 2021Mobile (Ft. Whiting) Building Envelope AON RepairsMobileDominguez Design-Build, Inc.$1,095,980.00
AC-21-C-0019-S 29 Apr 2021Montgomery (JFHQ) Atrium Curtain - North EndMontgomeryPemberton, Inc$15,485.00
AC-21-C-0021-S 29 Sept 2021Birmingham (AASF #2) Tarmac RepairsBirminghamHale Building Company, Inc.$2,031,317.00
AC-21-C-0022-S 25 Aug 2021Birmingham (525) Generator AON RepairsBirminghamHale Building Company, Inc.$392,396.00
AC-21-C-0023-S 16 Sept 2021FMTC Building 2290 AON RepairsFMTCDominguez Design-Build, Inc.$699,197.00
AC-21-C-0024-S 30 Sept 2021Brundidge RestorationBrundidgeHolley-Henley Builders, Inc.$3,745,000.00
AC-21-C-0025-S 30 Sept 2021Mobile (AASF #3) AON Shell RepairsMobileHale Building Company, Inc.$1,682,948.00
AC-21-C-0026-S 23 Sept 2021Cullman Indoor Air QualityCullmanHale Building Company, Inc.$2,706,802.00
AC-21-C-0027-S 27 May 2021Montgomery (JFHQ) Atrium Louver Removal/Window RepairMontgomeryBest Glass Company, Inc$25,558.00
AC-21-C-0028-S 29 Sept 2021Birmingham (Oxmoor Road) AFRC Gate RepairBirminghamTusco, Inc.$29,528.00
AC-21-C-0029-S 30 Sept 2021Enterprise RestorationEnterpriseWyatt Sasser Construction, LLC.$3,889,000.00
AC-21-C-0030-S 29 Sept 2021Pelham Range CHP BuildingAlexandriaBradshaw and Pits, LLC.$1,246,000.00


Contract NumberContract DateProjectLocation Contractor Amount
AC-20-C-0002-S 4 Oct 2019Arab RestorationArabHale Building Company, Inc.$3,443,640.00
AC-20-C-0003-S 18 Oct 2019Centreville Indoor Air QualityCentrevilleBond Construction, LLC$1,110,139.00
AC-20-C-0004-S 17 Jul 2020Auburn RestorationAuburnHolley-Henley Builders, Inc.$3,318,873.00
AC-20-C-0005-S 3 Jan 2020FMTC Building 1022 HVAC Maintenance & RepairFMTC - AnnistonStateline Mechanical, LLC$1,234,900.00
AC-20-C-0007-S 20 May 2020Indoor Firing Range Remediation - North RegionVariousMontgomery Environmental, Inc.$874,950.00
AC-20-C-0008-S 20 May 2020Indoor Firing Range Remediation - Central RegionPrattvilleSouthEast Demolition & Environmental Services, Inc.$97,000.00
AC-20-C-0009-S 20 May 2020Indoor Firing Range Remediation - South RegionVariousBCS, LLC$478,769.00
AC-20-C-0012-S 30 Sept 2020Homewood RestorationHomewoodDuncan & Thompson Construction Services, LLC.$1,750,907.00
AC-20-C-0014-S 29 Jul 2020Foley Readiness CenterFoleyNearen Construction Company, LLC$12,948,640.00
AC-20-C-0015-S 28 May 2020Goodwater Sewer And Water RepairsGoodwaterBallard Construction Company, Inc.$63,052.00
AC-20-C-0017-S 30 Sept 2020Haleyville Fire Protection & Electrical System RepairsHaleyvilleK & A Builders, Inc.$440,000.00
AC-20-C-0022-S 12 Aug 2020FMTC DemolitionsFMTC - AnnistonComplete Demolition Services, LLC.$509,000.00
AC-20-C-0023-S 29 Sept 2020Decatur Local Training Area DemolitionsDecaturSouthern Recycling & Demolition, Inc.$82,615.00
AC-20-C-0026-S 30 Jul 2020Gadsden (FMS #8) Bay AdditionGadsdenHale Building Company, Inc.$1,155,672.00
AC-20-C-0030-S 11 Sept 2020Pelham Range Fire & Emergency Services Bldg. ConstructionAlexandriaHale Building Company, Inc.$1,278,374.00
AC-20-C-0031-S 30 Sept 2020Ft. Rucker Simulation Facility RenovationsFt. RuckerHale Building Company, Inc.$584,678.00
AC-20-C-0032-S 30 Sept 2020Huntsville (Redstone Arsenal) Simulation Facility RenovationsHuntsvilleHogan's Mechanical Services, LLC.$316,900.00
AC-20-C-0033-S 13 Sept 2020Pelham Range SOT-D Fence Maintenance & RepairAlexandriaHale Building Company, Inc.$46,221.00
AC-20-C-0035-S 22 Jul 2020Montgomery (JFHQ) Carpet ReplacementMontgomeryHolley-Henley Builders, Inc.$412,911.00
AC-20-C-0036-S 29 Sept 2020FMTC Building 2202 DemolitionFMTC - AnnistonComplete Demolition Services, LLC.$151,300.00
AC-20-C-0037-S 29 Sept 2020Montgomery (Ft. Taylor Hardin) Lighting UpgradesMontgomeryP. G. Wells Enterprises, Inc.$190,777.00
AC-20-C-0038-S 30 Sept 2020Oneonta Lighting UpgradesOneontaP. G. Wells Enterprises, Inc.$218,443.00
AC-20-C-0039-S 30 Sept 2020FMTC Exterior Solar LightingFMTC - AnnistonP. G. Wells Enterprises, Inc.$657,220.00
AC-20-C-0040-S 30 Sept 2020FMTC Various Facilities Telecommunications UpgradeFMTC - AnnistonHale Building Company, Inc.$653,438.00
AC-20-C-0041-S 30 Sept 2020FMTC RC Information Center Audio/Visual Equipment UpgradesFMTC - AnnistonHale Building Company, Inc.$604,829.00
AC-20-C-0042-S 13 Sept 2020Montgomery (CSMS #1) Compressor Maintenance & RepairMontgomeryHale Building Company, Inc.$254,713.00
AC-20-C-0043-S 15 Sept 2020FMTC Range Control POV Parking Maintenance & RepairFMTC - AnnistonHale Building Company, Inc.$112,028.00
AC-20-C-0044-S 30 Sept 2020Montgomery (Ft. Taylor Hardin) Motor Pool ExpansionMontgomeryPemberton, Inc.$1,669,000.00
AC-20-C-0047-S 29 Sept 2020FMTC RC Gate RepairsFMTC - AnnistonHale Building Company, Inc.$233,588.00
AC-20-C-0048-S 30 Sept 2020Pull Up Pod Construction (North East Region)Various LocationsJ. F. Morgan General Contractor, Inc.$40,410.00
AC-20-C-0049-S 30 Sept 2020Pull Up Pod Construction (North West RegionVarious LocationsBond Construction, LLC.$33,673.00
AC-20-C-0051-S 30 Sept 2020Pull Up Pod Construction (South East Region)Various LocationsWyatt Sasser Construction, LLC.$35,900.00


Contract NumberContract DateProjectLocationContractorAmount
AC-19-C-0001-S9 Oct 2018Pelham Range (Horizontal Engineer Training Site) Maintenance & RepairAlexandriaHale Building Company, Inc.$995,553.00
AC-19-C-0002-S9 OCT 2018Mobile (Ft. Whiting )Rappel Tower RenovationsMobileWyatt Sasser Construction, LLC$208,750.00
AC-19-C-0004-S24 Jan 2019FMTC Buildings 1023 & 2281 Classroom Electrical and IT InstallationFMTC - AnnistonAcker Electric Company, Inc.$145,908.00
AC-19-C-0006-S26 Mar 2019Huntsville (UTES #3) Roll-Up Door Maintenance & RepairHuntsvilleRichland, LLC$297,185.00
AC-19-C-0007-S9 Jul 2019FMTC MWR All Ranks Club & Recreation FacilityFMTC - AnnistonBradshaw & Pitts, LLC$1,413,919.00
AC-19-C-0008-S14 May 2019Montgomery (JFHQ) Space Management M & RMontgomeryAmity Construction Company, Inc.$163,800.00
AC-19-C-0009-S16 Aug 2019Indoor Firing Range Remediation - South RegionVariousWorking Properties II, LLC$454,097.00
AC-19-C-0012-S16 Aug 2019Indoor Firing Range Remediation - North RegionVariousMontgomery Environmental, Inc.$389,500.00
AC-19-C-0013-S16 Aug 2019Indoor Firing Range Remediation - Central RegionVariousMontgomery Environmental, Inc.$369,400.00
AC-19-C-0014-S29 Aug 2019Selma RestorationSelmaHolley-Henley Builders, Inc.$6,200,480.00
AC-19-C-0019-S27 Sept 2019Hamilton (FMS #6) Overhead Door ReplacementHamiltonH & N Construction, Inc.$114,145.00
AC-19-C-0020-S30 Sept 2019Foley RestorationFoleyBCS, LLC.$231,817.59
AC-19-C-0021-S12 Sept 2019Birmingham (AASF #2) Boiler Maintenance & RepairBirminghamStateline Mechanical, LLC$209,400.00
AC-19-C-0022-S30 Sept 2019Fairhope RestorationFairhopeWyatt Sasser Construction, LLC$848,255.00
AC-19-C-0023-S30 Sept 2019Springville Indoor Air QualitySpringvilleHale Building Company, Inc.$843,296.00
AC-19-C-0026-S30 Sept 2019Vincent Indoor Air QualityVincentHale Building Company, Inc.$1,836,093.00
AC-19-C-0028-S30 Sept 2019Enterprise Indoor Air QualityEnterpriseBullard-Cook, Inc.$1,794,000.00
AC-19-C-0030-S27 Sept 2019Birmingham Region SAF Obscuration Physical Security ImprovementsVariousHale Building Company, Inc.$86,534.00
AC-19-C-0031-S27 Sept 2019Dothan Region SAF Obscuration Physical Security ImprovementsVariousBCS, LLC$50,485.00
AC-19-C-0032-S27 Sept 2019Huntsville Region SAF Obscuration Physical Security ImprovementsVariousHale Building Company, Inc.$59,591.00
AC-19-C-0033-S27 Sept 2019Mobile Region SAF Obscuration Physical Security ImprovementsVariousHale Building Company, Inc.$37,499.00
AC-19-C-0033-S27 Sept 2019Montgomery Region SAF Obscuration Physical Security ImprovementsVariousHale Building Company, Inc.$70,890.00
AC-19-C-0036-S30 Sept 2019Greenville DemolitionGreenvilleVirginia Wrecking Company, Inc.$94,143.00


Contract NumberContract DateProjectLocation Contractor Amount
AC-18-C-0001-S12 Oct 2017Opelika RestorationOpelikaWhatley Construction, LLC$4,699,185.00
AC-18-C-0002-S12 Oct 2017Gadsden (Ft. Rhea) RestorationGadsdenHale Building Company, Inc.$3,451,562.00
AC-18-C-0003-S12 Oct 2017Mobile (AASF #3) Shell RepairsMobileWyatt Sasser Construction Company, Inc.$2,247,814.00
AC-18-C-0005-S30 Jan 2018Florence RestorationFlorenceBuilding Construction Associates, Inc.$2,015,700.00
AC-18-C-0011-S4 May 2018Decatur Installation of AV EquipmentDecaturBuilding Construction Associates, Inc.$5,031.49
AC-18-C-0015-S17 May 2018Jacksonville RestorationJacksonvilleHale Building Company, Inc.$2,712,127.00
AC-18-C-0016-S20 Apr 2018 Andalusia RestorationAndalusiaBCS, LLC$2,793,692.00
AC-18-C-0017-S16 May 2018Fayette RestorationFayetteCarmon Construction, Inc.$4,083,844.00
AC-18-C-0018-S17 May 2018Alex City RestorationAlex CityBullard-Cook, Inc.$1,541,200.00
AC-18-C-0019-S9 May 2018Huntsville (UTES #3) Compressor ReplacementHuntsvilleAlabama Compressed Air Service, Inc.$19,820.00
AC-18-C-0021-S16 Aug 2018FMTC Barracks Restoration #3FMTC - AnnistonJ. F. Morgan General Contractor, Inc.$1,007,798.00
AC-18-C-0023-S12 Jun 2018FMTC Demolitions FY18FMTC - AnnistonBostic Trucking & Excavating, Inc.$43,960.00
AC-18-C-0025-S9 Aug 2018Hope Hull (AASF #1) LSHV FanHope HullArris, Inc.$140,700.00
AC-18-C-0026-S10 Aug 2018Birmingham (AASF #2) LSHV FanBirminghamArris, Inc.$185,700.00
AC-18-C-0028-S6 Sept 2018Montgomery (JFHQ) Exterior LightingMontgomeryPemberton, Inc.$310,000.00
AC-18-C-0030-S30 Sept 2018Pelham Range Ranges Maintenance & RepairAlexandriaEarth Services$2,173,476.00
AC-18-C-0031-S28 Sept 2018Montgomery (USPFO) Maintenance & RepairMontgomeryPemberton, Inc.$2,917,000.00
AC-18-C-0032-S30 Sept 2018Pelham Range (UTES #1) Wash Rack RepairAlexandriaHale Building Company, Inc.$531,763.00
AC-18-C-0034-S6 Sept 2018Hamilton Maintenance Building DemolitionHamiltonComplete Demolition Services, LLC$92,000.00
AC-18-C-0035-S17 Aug 2018FMTC Transient Training Storage BuildingFMTC - AnnistonJ. F. Morgan General Contractor, Inc.$515,000.00
AC-18-C-0036-S6 Sept 2018Pelham Range Transient Training Storage BuildingAlexandriaJ. F. Morgan General Contractor, Inc.$509,800.00
AC-18-C-0038-S30 Sept 2018DRTI Demolition of Various BuildingsDecaturBostic Trucking & Excavation, Inc.$228,300.00
AC-18-C-0039-S28 Sept 2018Cullman (CSMS #2) AON Shell RepairsCullmanHale Building Company, Inc.$982,071.00
AC-18-C-0040-S28 Sept 2018Cullman AON Shell RepairsCullmanConstruction Speciality Associates, Inc.$280,305.00
AC-18-C-0041-S 28 Sept 2018Decatur Maintenance Training Work Bay AON Shell RepairsDecaturConstruction Speciality Associates, Inc.$130,983.00
AC-18-C-0042-S 30 Sept 2018Montgomery (JFHQ) Security EnhancementsMontgomeryCreative Security Systems, Inc.$247,057.96
AC-18-C-0043-S30 Sept 2018FMTC Security Fencing ConstructionFMTC - AnnistonColumbus Fence Company, LLC$79,865.33
AC-18-C-0044-S30 Sept 2018Pelham Range Lloyd's Chapel Road StabilizationAlexandriaEarth Services$335,637.00
AC-18-C-0045-S30 Sept 2018Facility Indoor Firing Range Remediation - North RegionVariousMontgomery Environmental, Inc.$541,502.00
AC-18-C-0046-S30 Sept 2018Facility Indoor Firing Range Remediation - Central RegionVariousFrasier-Ousley Construction & Engineering, Inc.$227,640.00
AC-18-C-0047-S30 Sept 2018Facility Indoor Firing Range Remediation - South RegionVariousHale Building Company, Inc.$543,865.00
AC-18-C-0048-S30 Sept 2018FMTC Building 1225 IT ConnectionFMTC - AnnistonJ. F. Morgan General Contractor, Inc.$48,755.00
AC-18-C-0049-S30 Sept 2018Pelham Rang TUAS IT ConnectionAlexandriaJ. F. Morgan General Contractor, Inc.$49,908.00


Contract NumberContract DateProjectLocation Contractor Amount
AC-17-C-0001-S22 Jun 2017Montgomery (JFHQ) Canteen Fuel Point RelocationMontgomeryPemberton$359,000.00
​AC-17-C-0002-S​18 May 2017FMTC/Pelham Range Demolitions - FY17 ​AnnistonEarth Service$152,900.00
AC-17-C-0003-S​31 Mar 2017Montgomery (JFHQ) Recycle Center RenovationMontgomeryW.W. Compton Contractor, LLC$480,941.00
AC-17-C-0006-S ​29 Sep 2017 ​Northpoint Restoration​NorthportBond Construction, LLC​$3,153,748.00
AC-17-C-0011-S1 Aug 2017FMTC PR Rock Crusher Site Maint $ RepairFMTC PREarth Services$598,530.00
AC-17-C-0012-S ​18 Aug 2017​Tuskegee RestorationTuskegeeHolley-Henley Builders, Inc$3,077,596.00
AC-17-C-0014-S29 Sep 2017FMTC Building 2220 Shell RepairAnnistonHale Bldg Co., Inc$1,293,949.00
AC-17-C-0015-S ​29 Sep 2017Clayton RestorationClaytonHollon Contracting, LLC$2,592,500.00
AC-17-C-0016-S ​29 Sep 2017Cullman (CSMS #2) Lighting Upgrades​CullmanA & S Electrical Contractors, Inc​$673,200.00
AC-17-C-0017-S​29 Sep 2017Dothan RestorationDothanLewis Construction, LLC$1,460,000.00
AC-17-C-0020-S ​29 Sep 2017FMTC Bldg 2235 (Rock Cottage) M&RFMTCHale Bldg Co., Inc$345,480.00
AC-17-C-0023-S29 Sep 2017​Pelham RestorationPelham​Frasier-Ousley Constr & Engineering, Inc$2,555,400.00
AC-17-C-0024-S ​29 Sep 2017DRTI Demolition of Various Buildings- FY17DecaturBostic Trucking & Excavating, Inc$63,000.00
AC-17-C-0025-S ​29 Sep 2017DRTI Site (Road & Sidewalks) Maint & RepairsDecaturReed Contracting Services, Inc$421,445.71
​AC-17-C-0026-S ​29 Sep 2017FMTC Bldg 2221 Shell RepairsFMTCHale Bldg Co., Inc$1,217,081.00
AC-17-C-0028-S ​29 Sep 2017Montgomery (CSMS #1) Maintenance & RepairMontgomeryHutcheson Construction Co, Inc$1,049,900.00


Contract NumberContract DateProjectLocation Contractor Amount
AC-16-C-0004-S13 Oct 2015FMTC Bldg 2299 Shell Repairs FMTCHale Building Co., Inc​$836,154.00
​AC-16-C-0005-S13 Oct 2015FMTC PR Confidence Course Maint & RepairFMTC PRRDT Enterprises, LLC​$353,000.00
AC-16-C-0006-S ​04 Nov 2015​Clayton Erosion Control Measures ​Clayton​Three Rivers Environmental Contracting, LLC​$26,135.65
AC-16-C-0007-S ​04 Nov 2015Montg (JFHQ USPFO) Traffic Control Measures​Montg JFHQ USPFO ​Bradley Heating & Plumbling, Inc​$29,756.00
​​AC-16-C-0008-S ​04 Nov 2015Goodwater Supply Cage Installation ​GoodwaterBusiness System & Consultants, Inc​$23,480.00
AC-16-C-0009-S ​04 Nov 2015Mobile (Ft Whiting) Live Oak Tree PavingMobile Ft WhitingSouthern Paver System, Inc$41,890.00
​​AC-16-C-0010-S​29 Oct 2015Hope Hull AASF #1 Shell Repair ​Hope HullWyatt Sasser Construction, LLC$428,000.00
AC-16-C-0011-S ​27 Jan 2016Birmingham AFRC (Airport) Building 525 HVAC Maint & RepairBirminghamEugene Turner General Contractor, Inc$762,000.00
AC-16-C-0014-S ​24 Mar 2016Athens Additions & Alterations​Athens ​Bldg Construction Assoc., Inc$157,800.00
AC-16-C-0015-S ​01 Apr 2016Fairhope Repaving & RestripingFairhopeCity of Fairhope​$27,300.00
AC-16-C-0022-S ​25 May 2016 ​Montg Ft Taylor Hardin POV Parking RepairsMontg Taylor HardinA & C Construction Co., Inc​$29,974.00
AC-16-C-0023-S08 Sep 2016Foley Vehicle Maintenance Shop ​FoleyM.W. Rogers Construction, LLC​$4,653,300.00
AC-16-C-0024-S30 Sep 2016Geneva RestorationGeneva Wyatt Sasser Construction. LL$4,505,500.00
AC-16-C-0025-S ​30 Sep 2016Phenix City RestorationPhenix City​RDT Enterprise, LLC​$2,807,000.00
AC-16-C-0026-S30 Sep 2016FMTC/Pelham Range Demolition of Various BuildingsFMTC/PRHale Huilding Co., Inc​$65,377.00
AC-16-C-0027-S ​30 Sep 2016​DRTS Utility RestorationDRTHale Huilding Co., Inc$3,011,643.00
AC-16-C-0029-S ​29 Sep 2016Huntsville (Balch) Energy Conservation ImprovementHuntsvilleSateline Mechanical, LLC$674,500.00
​AC-16-C-0030-S ​29 Sep 2016FMTC Galloway Gate Reconfiguration ​FMTC ​J.F Morgan General Contractor, Inc​$681,034.00
AC-16-C-0031-S30 Sep 2016AASF #3 Fire SuppressionMobile​Wyatt Sasser Construction, LLC$1,647,650.00
AC-16-C-0033-S ​30 Sep 2016Calera RestorationCalera ​Frasier-Ousley Construction & Engineering, Inc$1,934,900.00
AC-16-C-0034-S30 Sep 2016Hope Hull RestorationHope Hull Holley-Henley Building, Inc$3,328,763.00


Contract NumberContract DateProject Location Contractor Amount
C-15-C-0001-S14 Oct 2014Bham AASF #2 Shell RepairsBirmingham Ex12/3A-6 Gaston Construction Co, Inc$397,000.00
AC-15-C-0002-S14 Oct 2014Florence FMS #1 Renovations FlorenceRDT Enterprises, LLC $484,341.00
AC-15-C-0003-S 14 Oct 2014Hope Hull AASF #1 Resurface Hanger FloorHope Hull Ex12/3Gulf Atlantic Floor Systems, Inc $170,113.22
AC-15-C-0004-S 15 Jan 2015Gadsden (Martin Air Station) Fence & Tree ClearingGadsden MAS Timberline Services Inc$29,500.00
AC-15-C-0005-S 30 Jan 2015Bham AFRC Elevator Modernization & Repairs Birmingham AFRCMowery Elevator Company of FL, Inc $38,500.00
AC-15-C-0006-S 10 Apr 2015Montg-JFHQ-USPFO Motor Pool Entrance Paving Project Montgo-JFHQ Ex5/15Alexander Seal Coating & Striping Inc$26,229.00
AC-15-C-0007-S16 Apr 2015 Tallassee Ft Dewey Piper/FMS #21 POV Parking Repairs Tallassee Ex5/15 A & C Construction Co., Inc $28,605.00
AC-15-C-0008-S 1 Jul 2015 A&E Design & Supervision of Repairs & Maint. - OPEN END StatewidePond & Company, Inc$1,500,000.00
AC-15-C-0009-S 1 Jul 2015 A&E Design & Supervision of Repairs & Maint. - OPEN END StatewideBarganier, Davis, Sims Architects Associates$1,500,000.00
AC-15-C-0010-S 1 Jul 2015 A&E Design & Supervision of Repairs & Maint. - OPEN END StatewideJMR+H Architecture, PC $1,500,000.00
AC-15-C-0011-S 11 Aug 2105Cullman Site ImprovementCullman Triple J Construction, LLC$236,000.00
AC-15-C-0012-S 14 Jul 2015 Troy Shell Repairs TroyBCS, LLC $614,898.00
AC-15-C-0013-S 30 Jul 2015Opelika Shell RepairsOpelikaHale Building Co., Inc$322,911.00
AC-15-C-0015-S 11 Aug 2015 Gadsden (Martin Air Station) Building #2 Renovations Gadsden MAS Metro D Construction, LLC$1,267,815.00
AC-15-C-0016-S 13 Aug 2015Cullman CSMS #2 Shell RepairCullmanHale Building Co., Inc$99,949.00
AC-15-C-0018-S 25 Aug 2015Auburn Construct Metal Storage Building AuburnJ & L Contractors, Inc$242,300.00
AC-15-C-0019-S 25 Aug 2105Citronelle OCIE Construct MetalCitronelle Wyatt Sasser Construction, LLC