Contract NumberContract DateProjectLocation Contractor Amount
AC-21-C-0001-S 15 Oct 2020Daleville RestorationDalevilleWyatt Sasser Construction$4,483,000.00
AC-21-C-0002-S 15 Oct 2020Huntsville (Ft. Sims) RestorationHuntsvilleChase Building Group, Inc.$3,218,600.00
AC-21-C-0003-S 11 Feb 2021Geneva Welding Building Additional StorageGenevaWalker Construction & Consulting Services, LLC.$26,335.00
AC-21-C-0004-S 25 May 2021FMTC Transient Training Barracks Complex (MILCON)FMTC - AnnistonCarmon Construction, Inc.$33,688,844.00
AC-21-C-0005-S 9 Apr 2021Montgomery (JFHQ) HVAC RepairsMontgomeryStateline Mechanical, LLC$215,000.00
AC-21-C-0006-S 2 Mar 2021FMTC Tree RemovalFMTC - AnnistonB & H Tree Service$49,500.00
AC-21-C-0011-S 13 Apr 2021FMTC/PR IT ModernizationVariousHale Building Company, Inc$335,836.00
AC-21-C-0012-S 13 Apr 2021IT Modernization - North RegionVariousHale Building Company, Inc$261,380.00
AC-21-C-0013-S 13 Apr 2021IT Modernization - Central RegionVariousBSC, LLC$269,512.00
AC-21-C-0014-S 13 Apr 2021IT Modernization - South RegionVariousBSC, LLC$281,104.00
AC-21-C-0015-S 8 Jul 2021Tallassee RestorationTallasseeWhatley Construction, LLC$5,023,500.00
AC-21-C-0016-S 8 Jul 2021Pelham Range Building 8801 DemolitionAlexandriaIngle Demo & Salvage, Inc.$88,500.00
AC-21-C-0017-S 9 Jul 2021Hope Hull (AASF #1) Tarmac RepairsHope HullWiregrass Construction Co., Inc$2,693,450.00
AC-21-C-0018-S 30 Sept 2021Mobile (Ft. Whiting) Building Envelope AON RepairsMobileDominguez Design-Build, Inc.$1,095,980.00
AC-21-C-0019-S 29 Apr 2021Montgomery (JFHQ) Atrium Curtain - North EndMontgomeryPemberton, Inc$15,485.00
AC-21-C-0021-S 29 Sept 2021Birmingham (AASF #2) Tarmac RepairsBirminghamHale Building Company, Inc.$2,031,317.00
AC-21-C-0022-S 25 Aug 2021Birmingham (525) Generator AON RepairsBirminghamHale Building Company, Inc.$392,396.00
AC-21-C-0023-S 16 Sept 2021FMTC Building 2290 AON RepairsFMTCDominguez Design-Build, Inc.$699,197.00
AC-21-C-0024-S 30 Sept 2021Brundidge RestorationBrundidgeHolley-Henley Builders, Inc.$3,745,000.00
AC-21-C-0025-S 30 Sept 2021Mobile (AASF #3) AON Shell RepairsMobileHale Building Company, Inc.$1,682,948.00
AC-21-C-0026-S 23 Sept 2021Cullman Indoor Air QualityCullmanHale Building Company, Inc.$2,706,802.00
AC-21-C-0027-S 27 May 2021Montgomery (JFHQ) Atrium Louver Removal/Window RepairMontgomeryBest Glass Company, Inc$25,558.00
AC-21-C-0028-S 29 Sept 2021Birmingham (Oxmoor Road) AFRC Gate RepairBirminghamTusco, Inc.$29,528.00
AC-21-C-0029-S 30 Sept 2021Enterprise RestorationEnterpriseWyatt Sasser Construction, LLC.$3,889,000.00
AC-21-C-0030-S 29 Sept 2021Pelham Range CHP BuildingAlexandriaBradshaw and Pits, LLC.$1,246,000.00



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